Department of Zoology

Jon P. Costanzo
Adjunct Professorand Senior Research Scholar
Ph.D. Miami University, 1988
physiological ecology and cryobiology

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Jon Costanzo's research explores the physiological ecology of ectothermic animals inhabiting harsh environments, with primary focus on the overwintering biology of temperate-zone amphibians and reptiles. Costanzo uses field and laboratory approaches to investigate the hibernation physiology and ecology of cold-hardy frogs and turtles. Supported by the National Science Foundation, these studies focus on the roles of supercooling and freeze tolerance in winter survival, behavioral and physiological aspects of cold hardening, and interactions between the animal and the winter microenvironment.

Costanzo is a full-time researcher who is strongly committed to training undergraduate and graduate students. To learn more about current research topics, visit the Laboratory for Ecophysiological Cryobiology web site:

Recent Publications:

  1. Baker PJ, Iverson JB, Lee RE, and Costanzo JP. Winter severity and phenology of spring emergence from the nest in freshwater turtles. Naturwissenschaften 97: 607-615, 2010.

  2. Costanzo JP, Lee RE, and Ultsch GR. Physiological ecology of overwintering in hatchling turtles. Journal of Experimental Zoology 309A: 297-379, 2008.

  3. Muir TJ, Costanzo JP, and Lee RE. Brief chilling to subzero temperature increases cold hardiness in the hatchling painted turtle (Chrysemys picta) Physiological and Biochemical Zoology 83: 174-181, 2010.

  4. Muir TJ, Costanzo JP, and Lee RE. Evidence for urea-induced hypometabolism in isolated organs of dormant ectotherms. Journal of Experimental Zoology A 313A: 28-34, 2010.

  5. Muir TJ, Costanzo JP, and Lee RE. Urea-induced hypometabolism in the hibernating wood frog (Rana sylvatica) is not reflected in isolated mitochondria. Journal of Comparative Physiology B in press: 2010.